I Can & I Will!

I absolutely loved general conference! It did my soul good! In President Russell M. Nelson’s opening message, he said, “Unusual times can bring unusual rewards.”1 And in his closing message he said, “Despite the world’s commotion, the Lord would have us look forward to the future ‘with joyful anticipation.’”2 I love the optimism in these statements. We can all agree that we have been living in unusual times. Have we taken the opportunity to consider the unusual rewards that have come to us? And are we looking with joyful anticipation to what lies ahead?

The words “can bring” really resonated with me. You will notice President Nelson didn’t say, “Unusual times do bring unusual rewards.” The “can” reminds me that both my actions and my reactions matter. I can choose to act or react in ways that will make life rewarding despite the commotion of the world. I can choose how I respond to the challenges that I am given. I can keep going, even when it’s hard. I can trust in good things to come. And always, I can trust in Heavenly Father and His promises.

Optimism coupled with faithfulness, obedience, perseverance, and patience will bring unusual rewards.

To me, one of the greatest blessings, especially during these unusual and chaotic times, is having a living prophet of God! I can choose to follow the prophet.

I can choose to follow Jesus Christ.

I can embrace the future with faith.

I can choose to let God prevail in my life.

I can keep an eternal perspective.

President Nelson encouraged us to do many more things during conference this past weekend. Those were just a few! May we take some time to carefully read through each of his talks, taking note of the things he is asking us to do and highlighting the promises for doing them. I am always amazed at the prophetic promises!  

Yes, these are unusual times we are living in. But unusual rewards, even miracles, have been promised. There is so much to be grateful for! I can and I will look forward to the future with joyful anticipation!


1.  Moving Forward – Russell M. Nelson

2.  A New Normal – Russell M. Nelson